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About Me | Mallory Battista
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A Little About Me

I have always spread myself between lots of different creative pursuits which makes my style difficult to sum up, but I have come to realize that that's okay. My varied interests overlap and support each other in surprising ways. I love the city of Spokane and I feel very connected to my community, and I feel deeply pulled to contribute to our shared environment through art. In 2019, I painted my first murals and completed my first collaborative ornamental iron installation, and I continue to enjoy painting murals and working with steel. I also work with ink, paint, print making, copper, glass, and more. The list of media that I enjoy experimenting with continues to grow and I keep thinking that I may somehow discover a new magical combination of materials. It has been difficult for me at times to find the thread that connects the things that I create, and all I can say is they are each some combination of these three elements: flowing forms, bright colors, and exploring truth with humor. I am also a writer with a couple of completed novels, but I have become more excited about creating comics and am slowly reimagining some of my prose in graphic form. I have also been a professional graphic designer for more than a decade and will occasionally still take on freelance jobs if they are for a good cause or are something quirky and fun. Public sculpture is my current passion and I am learning all that I can about how I can create large works to enhance our public spaces.
SAGA award Steve McGrew, me, and David Kailey of Columbia Fire & Iron at the SAGA announcement in December 2018. MONROE-BikeRack2019-2 "Local Fruit" 2019, Forged Ornamental Iron Bike Rack, installation.
I have been making metal sculptures and jewelry since I was a kid, starting with copper and steel wire, and I began learning traditional blacksmithing in 2014. My work in the local blacksmithing community really impacted me and my development as an artist. In 2018, I wrote and submitted a grant application on behalf of Columbia Fire & Iron for the final Spokane Arts Grant Award (SAGA) of the year. Our proposal was selected to receive the $10,000 grant so that we could invest in a trailer and six new anvils and more easily put on events for the community. (Interview on Spokane Public Radio about CFI and the grant award.) As a result, 2019 was by far our most active year yet, with weekly demos at the EG Farmers Market during the summer — where we forged pieces of the ornamental bike rack that we would donate and install at the end of the season — and a workshop at the county library in addition to our usual three annual events. We were also invited to demo at the Spokane Arts Awards that fall and forged lucky miniature horse shoes as party favors, and I designed and forged the awards themselves with Steve McGrew for the 2019 winners. It was so rewarding to get to do so much forging that year, and we all had big plans for 2020 that would sadly come to a full stop due to COVID-19. We came back strong in 2022, hosting a handful of summer forging events (too hot!), demoing for 10 days at the fair and debuting the new Ironwork category in the Home Crafts Exhibit, teaching a blacksmithing at the library workshop in Moran Prairie, and holding our first ever blacksmithing conference. 2023 has begun with a handful of winter fundraising classes, and we plan to hold several events throughout the year. Learn more at the CFI website. mallory-battista-first-friday-spokane "Creative Creatures" First Friday poster for Downtown Spokane.

Current Work

  • Art Studio Resident at The Hive®
  • Visual Artist & Muralist
  • Writer & Illustrator of Comics
  • President, Columbia Fire & Iron blacksmithing club
  • Freelance Graphic Designer & Copywriter

Past Work

  • Visual Communications Chair, Spokane Regional MarCom Association (2016-19)
  • Staff Graphic Designer
  • Bookstore Manager
  • Art Gallery Manager
  • Wizard Rock Documentarian
  • Ice Cream Seller
story+image_opening4 "Backwards" 2019, Story + Image show, Emerge Gallery, CDA.