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Denim & Diamonds Logo and Invitation | Mallory Battista

Denim & Diamonds Logo and Invitation

I had the pleasure of once again working with the inspiring ladies of the Spokane chapter of Executive Women International (EWI), this time on their upcoming Denim & Diamond fundraising event. The theme is not the first of its kind though it was new to me, the concept being that attendees can wear what they please to the event, whether that be their favorite pair of jeans or their fanciest, sparkle-iest dress. Many elect to wear a hybrid of bedazzled denim. EWI wanted a Denim & Diamonds logo that they could use each year that would appeal to both men and women, that would communicate the spectrum of casual to glam.

One thing that came to me almost immediately was that the shape of a rear jeans pocket is reminiscent of a diamond, and that became the basis of the design.


Posted by Mallory on July 3, 2017