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Spark Awards 2017 Design | Mallory Battista

Spark Awards 2017 Design


This was an awesome project! The MarCom event committee chose a Triple Crown theme (a prestigious horse racing award, if you’re not familiar. *I wasn’t*) for the 2017 Spark Awards gala, so I got to play with horse imagery for the related materials. I designed a sort of seal for the event that I then used in all of the digital and print collateral, most excitingly on the invitations in orange metallic foil. I was pretty giddy about the foil. (Look at that shine!) For our Facebook countdown to the event, I also Photoshopped it onto some T-shirts for fun. The awards themselves were a thrill to design too, having to work around variable data that varied quite greatly in length. The awards and all signage at the gala were printed on a shimmery, pearlescent cover stock. Totes glam! *Chuckling like a lumberjack.*

And because of the theme, I got to don a fabulous hat! (Photo credit: Megan Kennedy of Rogue Heart Media.)

Posted by Mallory on May 11, 2017