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Spark Awards 2018 Invitations Design | Mallory Battista

Spark Awards 2018 Invitations Design


The theme of the Spark Awards this year was so much fun to design to. “Celebrating Marketing that Hit the Sweet Spot” developed into piñatas and flying candy. I couldn’t resist working in a comic feel, and the rest of the board went for it. The piñata illustration was pen and watercolor, and the rest was done in Adobe Illustrator. Luckily, we had a very generous print sponsor who was willing to go a little over the top with me; the trifold invitation incorporated a double hit of spot UV coating and a custom die cut. I also loved the metallic silver envelopes.

There is always a lot to design for the Spark Awards: the awards themselves, the PowerPoint presentation, photo props, promotional materials, etc., but the print invitations are the most involved. These were a blast!

Me and my twin sister with her awards she won.
The Board of Directors, 2018. Photo credit: Megan Kennedy

Posted by Mallory on April 30, 2018